2017  Litters
Exotic Bengal Kittens Bred Underfoot
Lucia Viti located in Carlsbad/San Diego, CA

 Meet our Beautiful


 Bengals Direct is proud  to boast of its Queens. Every Queen is not just a "Mother," our Queens are our pets. Bengals Direct carefully chooses its Queen, based not only on beauty, but on personality. Our Queens really LOVE being Mamma's. Each Queen is carefully matched with a Champion Stud - also chosen for beauty AND demeanor. Lucia Viti personally spends time with each stud to ensure that each and boy and girl will fall madly in love!

Meet Sparkle
- our playful white silver spotted beauty with a glittering coat - hence her name! Sparkle is intelligent and independent. Sparkle makes the team at Bengals Direct laugh with her lust for travel. We often find babies and beds moved to suit Sparkle's desire for the perfect (at the moment) location. Sparkle shares an incredible bond with her babies. Never is she less than two feet away from any kitten that bears her name!
Meet Faith - our brown-spotted Faith was born solo - the only baby born from our beauty - although now retired, Malika. Touting a single baby, Malika insisted on staying close to me in her bed on the couch - Faith in tow. Faith knows nothing but close human contact. This diligent, dedicated and fun Mamma surprises us with the colors of her kittens. One never knows until they arrive! 

Meet Grace - our silver spotted, long legged beauty is both exquisite and regal. Sporting an amazing coat of rosettes, spots, stripes and swirls, Grace is our adventure cat. Athletic, bright and 
inquisitive, Gracie - as she is affectionately nicknamed - is a sight to behold. 



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