2017  Litters
Exotic Bengal Kittens Bred Underfoot
Lucia Viti located in Carlsbad/San Diego, CA

We love our Regan!

We just love our Mia!

Testimonials II

Leo is amazing! Thanks again for such a beautiful baby! Maximus and Leo get along well and Max stopped being a grumpy cat. Leo is a wild baby, he loves chasing Maximus everywhere, and when I pick him up he keeps running in the air, that looks hilarious! Thank you! We are so very happy!

Johnathan and Ksiena

We just love Apollo, he has assimilated perfectly to our household. He sleeps through the night and loves to play during the day.


We just  adore our new sweetheart kitten Scout What a wonderful addition to our family! Scout comes running to the back door when I get home from work and purrs loudly when I pick him up. What a cuddler!  It took Scout only one day to become best friends with our other Bengal cat. We never thought that we would find such a perfect match! You did an amazing job of acclimating Scout to life in a family environment. Scout is not afraid of the ice machine, vacuum or any other daily routines. My daughter throws Scout over her shoulder and dress him up in princess outfits and he has never once scratched her.  Not to mention how amazingly beautiful Scout is and how well he plays fetch! Scout just started leash training and he seems like he'll take to it easily. We will definitely recommend any of our friends looking for a new cat to you! 

Thanks for completing our family,
Emily Cardey


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